Welcome Home Step-Children. There are peanuts in my pockets.

Halfstep's roots come from the days of Juan and Samp's desire to create free spirited music and their own "Family Scene". Drawing on the roots of their own generation of music, and performing them, Halfstep started from a cover band to slowly develop their own flavor with a large catalog of originals, which they then started to pair with classics. Halfstep performed many shows along the east coast before a series of accidents in 1999 and 2001 resulted in a lapse of shows.

We are immeresed in an era of change. As growing people as well as musicians we are naturally drawn back to what originally brought a lot of joy to us, and hopefully most of you.

Latest News

Coming UP January

Thursday 1/10 ~ Putnam Place Saratoga Saturday 1/12 ~ Friends Day Farmstead Flatbread (10 pm) Thursday 1/24 Putnam PLace The Putnam PLace Gigs begin at 8:30 pm Sharp!

Coming UP

Coming Up Corsican Borthers(juan and dave duo) Aug 23 Grateful Den Glens Falls Aug 24/25 and 30 Brass Ring Bolton landing Half Step August 31 Neptunes for AIM Fest Lake George Free admission free drinks for women Sept 1 Brass Ring Bolton Landing

The Corsican Brothers

Get more of what you deserve. Did you know that Mario Corsican (aka Juan Calzada)& Lucian Corsican (aka David Lawson) Appear regularly at The Grateful Den on 56 Hudson Ave Glens Falls, New York? Get your fill of some great food and beer whilst listening to these guys play some grateful music

Summer Shows

The Grateful Den: April 20 Brass Ring Shows: May 27 July 1 July 29 Sept 2 Private Party June 10 Corsican Brothers at The Grateful Den: March 16 April 1 March 11 June 8

Upcoming Shows

The Corsican brothers June 9 and July 14 at The Grateful Den Glens Falls NY Halfstep at The Putnam Den for Dead and Co after party June 21

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Freegrass Union

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