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Through generous donations there is a place on the interweb to archive items. such as shows. We have uploaded some of our recording and plan on doing more in the future. As one show is by request, feel free to speak up. You never know. Chances are better than winning the lottery.

Half Step Live at The Mars Bar on 1999-04-17

Half Step Live at The Caboose on 1999-08-06

Half Step Live at Brass Ring on 1999-08-22

Half Step Live at Aiko's on 1999-08-25

Half Step Live at sterling stage on 1999-10-06

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Harvest Pickens a Live CD is a collection of shows recorded Live as we were in 1999 with Jason the Undertaper at the helm and mastered in Luna's Underground a locally owned bar, now defunct, by Angus Wilson. Recordings come from Aiko's in Saratoga Springs, NY. Monopole Plattsburgh, NY, Paz's Private Pleasure Palace Amsterdam, NY and The Brass Ring, Bolton Landing.

HALF STEP: Harvest Pickins

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