Upcoming Gigs

Coming up Feb 2020 February

February 1, 2020 Join us for some local fun at the reopened Grateful Den from 9 - 12 February 16 & 12 Join us at JP Brunos for some afternoon mayhem!

Upcoming Gigs

Sat Aug 3 Magua. Eds property in Trout lake Sat Aug 10 Brass Ring Bolton Landing Thu Aug 15 Putnam Place Sun Aug 18 Island on lake george gig. free and campout. (fri- sun) Sun aug 24 Brass Ring Bolton Landing Sun Agu31 Brass Ring Bolton Landing

Putnam Place Gigs

Thursday July 18 and Thursday August 15! These are early shows! 830pm - 1130 pm don't miss out!

Brass Ring Dates

Brass Ring dates: July 6 and 13 August 10, 24 and 31! See you out there!

Coming UP January

EThursday 1/10 ~ Putnam Place Saratoga Saturday 1/12 ~ Friends Day Farmstead Flatbread (10 pm) Thursday 1/24 Putnam PLace The Putnam PLace Gigs begin at 8:30 pm Sharp!

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