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Summer Shows

The Grateful Den: April 20 Brass Ring Shows: May 27 July 1 July 29 Sept 2 Private Party June 10 Corsican Brothers at The Grateful Den: March 16 April 1 March 11 June 8

Upcoming Shows

The Corsican brothers June 9 and July 14 at The Grateful Den Glens Falls NY Halfstep at The Putnam Den for Dead and Co after party June 21

Putnam Den This Sat Saturday April 9

An Evening of Music With Half Step W/ Special Guest Steven L. Smith A portion of the proceeds will be donated to LLS ( Leukimia & Lymphoma Society) $10 Cover

Open Mic With Juan

Every Wednesday At the Putnam Den. Join in the music. Full PA 8:30 - Midnight

Hol+iday Happenings Friday December 26

Enter yPutnam Den Wishes everyone a Happy Holiday with a Free show featuring Acoustic Circus and Halfstep for a night of fun and adventure with 1 full set from each band, then a final set blow out (something like 7 drummers 6 guitarists 5 bass players 4 saxophones, 3 whole sets 2 times the fun for each and every 1 of you)our text here

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